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  • First find the mechanics that work with you in the lyft app, tires can be a problem if you're not rotating and just buying new. Budget better, tuna is the new steak, and do something on the side, I do whole sales for real estate and I also help people Empower themselves by saving real money not the fiat. I put some money in my checking account for bills and every day needs then I save small amounts of gold bullion. You have an $6.50 a week save some bullion with that, when you see the benefits of doing this tell others and when they follow what you have shown them you get compensated with more gold. "You can't eat gold", I know that response but you sure can liquidate the gold in this free program get more than you put out and now steal is the new steak, jus saying it's not going to get easy anytime soon but in the meantime chech for all the solutions that make sense and don't throw in the towel. Message me and I will be happy to elaborate and share the information that may be helpful. God bless you all and wash your hands and wipe your cars down from handles to cup holders.