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  • This has happened several more times since I posted this. It seems they are home but not ready to go but they take the call. They get dress etc then come to pick me up. The last time it happened the driver was 6 mins away in an apartment complex near my neighborhood. The call was accepted at 6:29 AM. The car did not move until 6:48 AM and arrived at 6:53 AM. I understand traffic and stopping to get gas that is not the case. I asked him if he had be up early doing rides he said no he just woke up I was his first one. 

  • So here is my dilemma. I take Uber to and from work. The afternoon pickups are smooth but the morning pickups are not quite as good. I noticed several times Drivers will pick up my ride and be 4 minutes away in a subdivision across from me. Their car doesn’t move for 20 minutes and then I find out they were coming from home. I think it’s rude a driver picks up a route and is not ready to go making me late for work. I am 30 minutes away from my job I generally call an Uber an hour before I need to be there. Is there a way to cancel without a fee? Can you block Drivers that live close to you.