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  • Thank you so much for your detailed reply and it is nice to get the info from a driver.  I live in Dallas, and DFW airport is a straight 20 miles shot  from my house.  I want to schedule the car for 4:00 AM and I would not expect any traffic around that time. I was curious about how reliable they are IF is is scheduled ahead of time, or if I am just in line for a pickup with anyone else who may request a ride at that time?  ALSO, one more question.  The "schedule" options for an airport want to know my terminal  and gate.  AA  at DFW is in three  terminals here each with 40 gates.  I will not know the terminal and gate at the time that I schedule it,  and any airlines in any airport   change at the last minute anyway.   How circuital is that  at the time I schedule it in advance?   OR, can the driver just play it by ear as we have it that info that AM?   Thank you in advance