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  • Thank you. 

    That was very helfpul, and it was great hearing from a driver's point of view. Sincerely, very helpful and much appreciated. Safe travels...:) 

  • Thanks. That was very helpful. I always tip, even in rare cases where I haven't had the best experience. I'm middle-aged, and, I think, raised in a different culture, in some respects, to what I'm witnessing today. I say give a little to service industry workers (having worked a bunch of service industry jobs myself, and seeing and trying to see the other side of things). But that's another story. Of course, the size of the tip depends on the quality of service. 

    I have one clarifying question, please: If I take Lyft Shared or Uber Pool and it's just me, and I'm bringing a computer bag to put on my lap, as well as a suitcase I intend to check with the airline, should I click to request one or two seats within the App? I think in the above the answer is one seat, but having confirmation would help (if I have that right).

    This is for a trip from Palo Alto to San Jose airport, and, separately, LAX to mid-city LA. I've taken Lyft Shared and Uber Pool before, and it's been awhile, and all but once been pleasant. But  when I've taken it, it hasn't been clear to me, as a customer, what the baggage limitations have been, and when I've asked the driver, politely, I've always wondered if they are being overly diplomatic -- because they didn't want to risk getting dinged on the rating. 

    I'll follow your useful advice and leave extra early, given that they may pick up/drop off other riders. Good tip. Thank you.

    Separately, I tend to prefer Lyft, because I can write to customer service, and they seem more responsive. 

    On an Uber ride I still haven't forgotten, the driver was great, literally could not have been better, and I wanted to rate him 5 stars, and I was stupidly rushing, "multi-tasking," and accidentally gave him one star. Literally. I wrote to uber (on facebook messenger), and they were firm that once a rating is entered, there is no way to change it. That's a really onerous, ridiculous policy. I love how they say, "once a rating has been entered, there is no way to change it." What they should say is, "once a rating is entered, we choose to not allow it to be changed."  I struggle to relate to companies with (what I consider) ridiculous policies like that, and, at least with Lyft, I can write to them without having to go through 200,000 hoops. 

    Thanks again for your answer, and if you or anyone can provide clarification, that would help. 

    So, if requesting Lyft Shared, for example, and I have just me, and one checked bag for the airline, I request 1 seat only, correct? Thank you.