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What are the baggage limitations for Ride Share, please?

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13 Rider
 Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

I'm considering taking a ride to the airport in a few days, and am wondering about baggage limits. I've used Lyft Shared and Uber Shared before. I'm a solo passenger, going to the airport with four pieces of lugage -- two large luggage bags, a smaller carry-on, and a computer bag. Is that too much to bring on a Shared ride? I think the answer is yes, but want to hear from those more experienced with Ride Share services. What are the baggage limitations, please? Thanks.

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    947 Rider Driver
     2 weeks ago  (edited 2 weeks ago)

    You need to order a NON-SHARED ride.   

    Shared rides give you ONE seat and no guarantees for luggage storage.  (and especially not multiple bags)  If a Toyota Prius pulls up with three people already inside, you're going to be hard pressed (and extremely hated) if you delay everyone as you try to squeeze all of that into the car.  Don't do it.