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  • Just recently I had to renew my rental with LYFT in its Express Drive Program.  They renewed it buy required that vehicle get an oil change.  LYFT and Hertz were BOTH located at a PepBoys.  IT took nearly 5 hours for PepBoys to complete the oil change. I had no choice but to sit there and wait.  LYFT processed at least 30 would-be drivers, most picking up a vehicle other dropping off, a few returning.  EVERYONE there that day except for me was BLACK male or female.  Everyone there was offered HIGHER BONUS with less ride requirements.  When I pointed it out, the LYFT REP said LYFT has the RIGHT to pay each driver differently based on race, sex, age or veteran status.  I contacted LYFT adn they acknowledged they have the right pay each DRIVER differently based on Race, age. sex adn Veteran status. IF I did not like quit.