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  • When you say "A rider obviously wont have an issue getting another driver and most definately will not be stranded." then you obviously haven't been a rider at LaGuardia Airport in NY late at night. My wife and I had to Lyft drivers divert at the last minute while we waited in the freezing cold from 11:15pm until finally getting an Uber driver at 12:45am to take us to Massapequa on Long Island (we arrived at our destination at 1:32am). The 2nd Lyft driver actually told me on the phone he was definitely coming to pick us up and not to worry. Over the next 15 minutes I watched him get closer, then he called me back and said I'm almost there, then I saw his car on the app change direction and leave. He never answered either his phone or texts again. How is this acceptable to you? I worked for 35 years and had my attitude been like this I would have been fired. I drove cabs throughout college and never had a thought that I would leave a passenger stranded. Y'all have a terrible attitude towards work and humanity if this is acceptable to you. If you don't like the way Lyft or Uber treat you then find a different job. Don't take it out on the riders.