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     5 years ago in  Why do all my Uber drivers drive so slow?

    Rideshare drivers know 2 things that you probably don't think about. 

    One. Their license is their livelihood. Losing it could mean a missed mortgage. Also, one camera speed ticket takes all the profit from a 10-hour day. I usually simply ask a passenger who is in a hurry for $100 cash upfront. They have never paid so I don't go fast.

    Two. In a major city, all cars move at about the same speed. That leadfoot that just passed me will be waiting at the next stoplight. Roundabouts, potholes, speedbumps, everything conspires to create an average speed. I suppose it's different in different cities but it's absolutely impossible to drive Washington DC at anything above 25 MPH. That speed also means that the morons who pull out from a parking space in front of you or blow a red light are in front of you instead of in the passenger seat along with the passenger. 

    A reasonable speed (which is always below the speed limit) makes a 10 or 12 hour day relaxing and, since I make just as much money driving at a reasonable speed, I've got to think that the passengers are getting to their destinations as fast as possible.