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  • The app was in Bata mode.  Why would a startup charge  $400? And in fact tryp has  over 12,000 riders in the FL market right now. They just need to get their driver base a little higher. So you see riders are ready just some drivers don't see the big picture.  Tryp will only make money on happy drivers who are their customers. So it in tryps best interest to get you as many rides as possible.  Something Uber and lyft is not dependent on that's why they treat drivers the way they do. A full time driverpays Uber about $500 to $1000 in fees alone every month while with tryp it's only $980-$2400 a YEAR. You save money and with tryp that monthly fee is a tax deductible anyway. So their's lots of advantages to driving with tryp but it will take time to grow. 

  • Funny he bash Uber alot yet still trying to sign people up for it. Wonder why? Since you ask questions alot why you never asked rideshare professor that?

  • You guys are saying this is a scam yet Uber has been taking more and more from you guys. Everyone here must have only driven for Uber and lyft and never a taxi company.  Well the business model employ is like the taxi model. Tryp business model is like the taxi model ( let me inform you about the taxi model) the taxi model charge drivers daily or weekly depending on the company those charges can range from $89- over $100. This cause the taxi fare to be so high (hurting the customer helping the driver ). Uber came in with cheaper fares but charge drivers what it supposed to be 20% to now over 50% of the fare (hurting the driver but helping the customer) Tryp got best of both worlds .They employed the fee like taxi but only once a mouth at only $200 yet having low fares for the customers. ( helping both customer and driver cause driver keeps 100% of the fare. Is it going to take time to build a customer base yes .( Uber got started in 2009 ) but wasnt popping till 2015 ish now we all now customers go with whoever the cheapest so when Uber and lyft rates are surcharging whose app you think they're going to start opening more often?  . if you want to connect we can my email is [email protected] My job is not to sell you tryp but educate you about it. I'm no expert but if I have the answer I'll give it if not I'll gladly find it for you.