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     5 years ago in  My Uber driver charged me a wait time... Wait for what?

    I my market Uber has "Up front Pricing", so no matter how the driver is paid the fare the rider agreed to remains the same. Except maybe wait time. Many times I arrive at a location and the rider is not there. The Uber app says the rider has been notified but nearing the 2 minute mark I call the rider to make sure he/she is aware of my arrival. In many cases the Uber app tells the rider that the car will arrive in 10 minutes and within 2 minutes I arrive. That is the apps fault, not the driver's.

  • The Uber and Lyft policy is that persons under 18 must be accompanied by someone over 17.

    In Chicago, New York City, and Washingtonm D.C. where VIA operates, their policy is persons from 13 to 17 must have a parents or guardians permission to ride.

  • Always use a deordant loke Fabreeze to "clear the air" when the cabin has any kind of smell, other than pizza

  • It seems the favorite bad comment is "safety". Interesting to get a "safety" complaint from someone that is a Pool rider, most likely has a suspended or revoked drivers license and smell like they just took a bath iin beer.

    I usually avoid Pool and Line trips unless I need trips for the bonus.

  • As a driver I've seen pasengers tip the baggage boy, the hotel guy that opens the car door and cab drivers. I tip the server at restuarants. I'm providing a personal service the same as other do, yet tips are not done very often. So drivers get a little angry when they provide personal service, help with luggage and groceries and not get tipped.

    A tip is a gesture of thanks for the service.