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  • I believe AI bots scan documents and if it cant read something correctly, it's automatic FRAUD.....bunch of BS....and you can't get a Human with sense to talk to and work out a simple solution.....F Uber !!!

  • They flagged me today for a "fraudulent document" re: vehicle inspection....the mechanic scribbled the numeric month (September, "9") just being a Human not writing it neatly on the inspection form on a vehicle I was trying to add to account (already had one vehicle in operation).....Feel like they are accusing me of being a fraudster (I paid for the inspection also) .....Rep on the phone (script reader) was virtually useless & stated he was filing an appeal on my behalf.....If I could go to a hub and speak to a human, sure would help.....So and AI computer couldn't read the "9" properly and now I am a fraudster.....they flagged my entire account so now I can't even drive with original there ant hope ?  If it turns out being permanent, will a Lawyer help ??