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  • Just stumbled on this.  I’m in recovery. Many  people, like me, white collar professional, use Uber to score drugs. Heroin I’m talking about.  You would have no idea.  I would make a stop (on the app) at any random store, get heroin, and use before 5 minutes are over.  Usually 3 minutes.   And 2x I od’d in 3 years in the back of an Uber/Lyft.   Once I was dropped at the ER and once the driver didn’t realize under he dropped me off. I woke up when ambulance came (called by the driver).  

    Carry Narcan or not, I’m not saying it’s a drivers job, just don’t be so naive to think addicts don’t use Uber, you would deny me by looking at me, or you would know if we were high or OD’ing