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Heroin Epidemic. As an Uber driver would you be willing to carry Narcan in the event someone would Over Dose in your car?

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 Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

I drive in Philly. Mostly nights. I do pick up a lot of drunk people and i have had riders that are probably doing more than drinking. I frequently sit at a gas station few blocks from home positioned between Philly and Andalusia (Bucks county) when waiting for rides. I know the staff there and speak with them fequently.  About 3am Monday morning I am done so I stop to clean my car and get gas for following night. One of the workers says that the car at the pump has been there for awhile with a female sleeping. So I walk over and there is a young 20 something girl passed out with head back mouth open. I cant see her chest rise and fall and color doesnt look good. I pound on the car window no response. I tell the clerk to call 911. I try the door which luckily was unlocked.I feel for pulse which is thready and irregular. I check her breathing her respirations are 4 per minute. I try shaking her no movement. She has glass pipe in one hand lighter in the other and car has funny odor. I finally give her a sternal rub 3X. She finally opens her eyes and is very disoriented. I ask her if she is ok. She replies, "yes".  I ask her what happened, why she was passed out. She tells me she was tired and was waiting for bf and fell asleep. I tell clerk to tell 911 operator that she is awake but still send rescue. She hears me and immediately says "i'm good" shuts her door and pulls away. It's obvious she was smoking something and it wasnt weed. That couldve easily been a rider. Was just curious to know what drivers thoughts were on Uber drivers carrying Narcan in case this ever happens while driving. I've been in healthcare my whole life and attending nursing school now. I would feel awful if someone was having a medical emergency and I just stood by and did nothing when I could've helped. If it was a heart attack or something not drug related I would do what I could until help came. What about a person that OD's? Most likely they will be back  using the next day. There is a city in Bucks County that gave Narcan out for free and trained ordinary people with no medical background in case they came across someone that OD.   What are your thoughts?  Would you be willing to carry Narcan as an Uber driver if you were trained and couldnt be held responsible if person died anyway? Why or Why not? What are your thoughts? 


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