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  • Cool that you were reactivated...just curious how did you get back online? l still drive for Uber and have a high rating with them as well so my income didnt drop much because when l drive in Orlando Thurs to Sun it never stops dinging...lf lyft will here my side of the story they'd see that the female rider who made the complaint against me is willing to retract it...they wont even call me back to hear my side of the story...and my emails to them go she's gonna call them and retract it because l informed her l was gonna sue her in small claims court for my lost wages & slander/defamation of my good character..please keep in touch with me because soon a new awesome Rideshare company is ready to roll out and start doing Business in Florida and all the major hubs around the USA..we Drivers get to keep 100% of the fare : ) We only pay the Company a one time monthly fee to use their awesome app 👍👍👍👍

  • Case in point- 5.0 Driver here with over 2000 rides working for lyft for 1.5 years...l was terminated by lyft a few days ago because of an intoxicated female who l wouldn't make several stops for that were not entered into the app she called lyft after the ride and fabricated a false accusation against me saying l called her after the ride was over and asked her for sexual services..lyft deactivated me 45 mins after the ride without any lnvestigation into hearing my side of the story...excuplatory evidence on my behalf was never sought out by the lyft Investigation team(shame on them) from great advice from a prestigious Employment Attorney l am currently suing Lyft in small claims court for loss of wages and defamation of character..Drivers if your innocent don't sit idly by when Lyft or Uber terminate you for no good reason..ln most cases your States Small Claims court will back you up for damages (lost wages,past, present & future) and in most cases get you back on the platform working again..Goodluck and remember us little guys need to ban together and form a strong union so these wealthy Billionaires  who run these rideshare operations stop treating us like crap ...a fair wage, respect and dignity is what we seek and they could care less...Their stock comes first, not us valued Drivers...Drivers [email protected]