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Tryp Rideshare ..Scam or Real??? Hmm 🤔

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4 Driver
 Posted 7 months, 1 week ago

"Drivers Unite" if they're a scam and pulling our legs there will be holy hell to pay...from what l've researched so far they're based and licensed out of Nevada and from what l'm hearing on the positive side is that they're trying to acquire licenses in over 900 US Cities. On the negative side l'm hearing they can be a pyramid scam trying to acquire Rider Bank Account info when they're not even solidly up and running yet SMH 🤔..lf thats true than stay the F away from these A-holes and may they burn in hell 👹...Lets all 🙏 for the positive per this Company so we can all be free of the Big Two...👍any comments per those post please send them to me at:  [email protected]  "Remember this Drivers we might struggling monetarily speaking, Uneducated from an elite University on Mommy & Daddys dime or just plain ole unlucky in finding a good paying job with a normal & fair Supervisor but we are not ignorant in knowing when we're getting screwed up the ass..we're human and deserve respect, a fair and decent wage and most importantly retaliation agaianst any A-hole riders who make up fabricated allegations against us so they can obtain a refund or because we didn't lick &  kiss their royal asses on the ride. l'm not sure why we're all here and who created us but l do know one thing for sure "Karmas a Bitch"


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    1279 Rider Driver
     7 months ago

    Uber and Lyft will be disrupted soon. Why do you think they haven't been done so yet? It's because barriers to entry is very expensive, it's not a technology challenge, a new driver friendly company can get all the drivers they need in a week but the marketing costs of acquiring riders is the hurdle. Tryp is nothing but an MLM scam, if you gave them your money, good luck!