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     1 year ago in  Median Taxi Medallion Price in Chicago Down to $26,500

    Back in the day calling for a cab in Chicago if you lived close to the 'burbs was always a massive crap shoot. For a start, if someone tried to hail a cab on it's way to us, the driver would invariably take the hailer and leave us high and dry without our knowledge. Complaints got you nowhere.

    Also, I used to live in the only part of Chicago (Montclare and Galewood) that did not have  a 606xx zip code - it is 60707, shared with Elmwood Park. I'd call for a cab and the dispatcher would tell us (wrongly) we were in the 'burbs with that zip code and he can't send a cab. So then we'd call the suburban cab company which would then tell us that they couldn't do the job if the destination wasn't in the suburbs. What a pain.

    Upshot - the unprofessional taxi cab industry in Chicago fully deserved to be eclipsed by rideshare apps.

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     1 year ago in  Median Taxi Medallion Price in Chicago Down to $26,500

    Yes, you gotta feel bad for the individual taxi medallion owner. 

    BUT, when medallions are vacuumed up by speculators and , later, hedge funds - that's when the sympathy evaporates. All the speculators medallion market did was increase the cost of a cab ride, with zero benefit to both drivers and riders.

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     1 year ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    As a driver I always get suspicious if the pickup is a minor or a third party, and I will call the requester for clarification, which, certainly in the case of a minor, I will cancel.
    Also drivers never ever get a tip from such rides - reason alone to cancel.