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  • I am a rider, and I don't know about the rest of the riders why do they so?. Though I never used a fake name for the ride and I am genuine Uber and Lyft rider.

    This is a small incident that I have faced and I want to share because your question reminds me of that funny incident.

    There was a small family gathering at that time and my mom and dad getting ready for the airport and as usual I was going to book Uber because Uber it always the best and first choice for me while traveling.

    I opened the Uber application and driver was hardly 5-7 minutes away from my pickup location and I request for the ride and driver accepted it, then 2 minutes later he cancelled the ride. I thought he had his own reasons. I again request for the ride and nobody was accepting my requests.

    I played the trick, I opened my sister Uber account and you can guess what would happen next. The same driver is on the way to my home without any excuses and cancellation and after at my pick up location and I asked him and told him everything, then he started making excuses traffic was high and he thought that it would maybe an urgent trip that is the reason he arrived.

    My mom and dad arrived at the airport on time, sometimes I am wondering should I thanked my sister or the driver.

    I asked many of friends to play the same tricks and you will only face such situation or urgency during the trip.