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  • Thank you for all of your valuable knowledge!! I am currently refisu ok Delaware to drive for both Uber & Lyft. I know that Maryland has stricter rules for driving there. However, my coverage area approval for NJ is vague. I have received ride request while in New Jersey after completing PHL airport trips. However, I haven't been down the Jersey shore yet.   If I have already successfully received ride requests while in NJ is it my assumption that if I go to Wildwood, NJ or any other shore towns that I will be abld to receive requests.  But, everyone knows what happens when you assume!! 

    Can anyone clarify the Delaware drivers coverage area? Also, for Ocean City Maryland ride requests I need to have my region changed from Delaware to Eastern Maryland.  Am I able to open a new (2nd) Lyft or Uber account with a new email address but the same vehicle? In order to change regions? For example can I keep 1 Lyft Account for the Delaware, PHL airport, PA & NJ areas? Then have the 2nd account for the Eastern Maryland areas? 

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!!!! 

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  • What an awesome response!!! I am having major issues with Lyft. Making no money at airport. If I decline a ride at airport it puts me back into a queue and I wait another hour. How can I be close to PHL I come from Delaware; but get rides outside airport? I also am not aware how to do drop offs.  Can you PLEASE email me?!? 

    I would Feat appreciate your assistance !!