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     10 months ago in  What Do Ratings Mean for Rideshare Drivers?

    I've been driving for almost 3 years. When I started, almost every rider was amazing. Great conersation, personality, and just plain nice. Now, they want a diver that will wait 30 mintues becaause they aren't ready. The rider can see drivers on the rider app and the ETA before they order. Rideshare makes it so easy, why do so many riders find it so hard? Answer, they want what they want. The don't care about others. I always tell my riders I will use GPS, but if you prefer a different route, shout it out. We all know what happens, they say, "I wanted you to turn back there at the tree on the left." Or my favorite, "Tuen there." Which there? Out of a dozen there's, which one. I can't see you when you are in the back seat. Ride in the front for once in your life. Oh, and let's not forget about the rider that adds a stop while in transit turing a 20 minute ride into a 90 minute ride. We have a life at the end of the day. When I take one last trip, I don't want to be 100 miles away from home having to spend $60 to get home alone. If you want a Black Car service, order a Black Car. For those that want to eat while enroute, expect a 1 star rating. The next rider is going give me a 1 star becuase my SUV smells like Taco Bell. If you just had a great workout at the gym and stink becuase you didn't have time to shower, 1 star. If you can't control your kids, 1 star...getting it now? Be nice or take a stinking cab ride. They are just as abusive as you.

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