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     3 years ago in  Do air fresheners lower ratings?

    Airfresheners in cars DO NOT smell good. They just end up smelling like whatever bad odor you’re trying to cover up, with an artificial perfume piled on top. The resulting smell is pretty disgusting..

    Open the window! Use peppermint Or eucalyptus oil! As a passenger, I am begging ride share drivers to stop using airfresheners! 

    fact: your nose becomes desensitized to smells the longer you’re around them.

    Often, drivers don’t realize how overpowering their air fresheners smell, because they’ve been surrounded by the smell all day. However, the scent of that airfreshener can be downright SICKENING to a rider just entering the vehicle.

    Of course, it’s your car and you are free to do whatever you want, but it seems that most drivers use airfresheners because they mistakenly think riders enjoy it.  I wanted to correct this misconception, since it just ends up leading to a crappy ride, and why waste money on things your passengers will hate?