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     4 years ago in  What are ways Uber drivers make money besides driving?

    Do you feel the same way when you go to a website, watch TV,  radio, ads are everywhere Including the website you're reading this on. LOL

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     4 years ago in  My Uber driver charged me a wait time... Wait for what?

    To be clear all of these charges are done automatically by the Uber app the driver has no control over when you start getting charge is all automated in the app. Don't think the driver is trying to take the advantage of you. 

     In the Lyft app the driver manually notifies you when he gets to your location then the clock starts ticking.  As a driver of both Uber and lift I find myself forgetting to manually start the notification with lyft because most of the time the people are outside when I pull up. So they get the benefit of no wait time when that happens.

    My recommendation to all passengers is to be outside when your driver arrives this is a positive thing not only to minimize your wait time cost, busy streets plus no where to park for your driver.

  • What did it cost you before ride share was available? Did you use a taxi, public transportation or drive yourself?

  • If I was the CEO of either Uber or Lyft or any other ride share company the 1st thing I would do is increase the rates for every car level in the company's menu.  I would also focus in on better customer service for the passengers as well as drivers.

    The price war game between the 2 major companies should be over. Neither one of them will be able to realize their dreams by participating in bottom fishing. The mindset is fairly typical of most technology companies make a lot of noise lose money for 6 to 10 years go public Game over. Lower rates is a badd idea. Competition should breed better outcome for everyone drivers and passengers problem is both companies are chickenshit and trying to force each other out of the business. They can CO exist like taxi companies have CO existed forever in cities all over the world. But these guys don't get it yet. The root of the problem is simple they are truly technology companies they're not in the transportation business with the right spirit of providing good point to point transportation for the passengers and the ability for the drivers to make a decent living. They see it as how to make a better app and more money for themselves and to the  soon to be pubic stockholders.  What should happen and I hope that it's in the very near future is both of these companies would have the balls to raise the dam rates. Stop being concern about the bottom feeders the cheapskates is looking for a free ride. Provide a system that gives safe rides at a fair price should be the focus. However they don't see that as an option right now they are trying to tread water to get to the point when they can eliminate drivers altogether. Keep in mind they see themselves as a technology company 1st period.  Developing new technology to eliminate the way the transportation system works to get people from point A to point B. The ripple from this affects a lot of other companies and industries in a negative way. I recently read an article about how the parking lot company's are losing money  because people are not driving to go to bars and restaurants and entertainment events the way they used to. Valet parking has also been impacted.  I would guess the alcohol  Industry is doing quite well. The taxi cab companies are feeling the impact but at the same time ride share companies have picked up the low life scum bag bottom fishers as customers because of cheap rates.

    I'm a driver based out of Los Angeles I drive a 2018 luxury SUV.  I never do pools I will only do an UberX or Lyft  If there is a 2.0  Surge for higher in that location.  The rates for Uber XL and Lyft XL are also too low.