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     3 years ago in  New Ridesharing Platform Austin, TX - TWELF

    Easy answer, an upcoming tech hub where companies can launch away from the even more competitive markets as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Is only a positive signal towards the Austin community where they have the luxury to choose between different services. However, Twelf is the first of its kind with a business model that does not exist yet. It is not an ordinary application like Uber or Lyft. 

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     3 years ago in  Private Fleet Owners Atlanta, Austin & San Diego

    Hi Wes,

    Sorry I should have clarified. I am referring to UberX, which is not common and most fleet owner are for the more expensive Uber vehicle sections.

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     3 years ago in  How much does Uber pay for insurance coverage

    Thanks for the response, but I am referring to the cost Uber bears per driver. What is their cost to ensure drivers, meaning their insurance premium?

  • lilly,

    Thanks for the provided article. The thing is I know what contains an uber ride as it comes to fares. I am wondering how they calculate how much the time per minute is or the base fare. As it comes to cost per mile it includes operational costs and depreciation divided by the estimated miles driven. How do they do that for the base fare or cost per minute? What are the cost components here?