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New Ridesharing Platform Austin, TX - TWELF

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15 Rider
 Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Hello guys,

Hope all of you are well. Just making an announcement for the drivers and riders of Austin, TX. In May, a new ridesharing application will make its introduction. The company is named Twelf and will be the first sponsored ridesharing experience in the world.

They are launching a 2-month pilot program in Austin and are looking for drivers to ride for the platform on the side, in combination with the current apps you might use. Twelf only takes 15% commission from the fare and riders will enjoy discounted rides. The vision of the company is to lower the fare for riders without touching the driver’s revenue, hence opening private ride-hailing for lower income segments and increase accessibility.

Subscribe Here if you are interested.


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     1 year ago

    Why does Austin keep coming out with new Rideshares?!

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       1 year ago

      They must have VERY loose rules against rideshares. 

      Or that for a start-up to prove itself, it needs to compete in this battlefield to prove itself. 

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      OP 15 Rider
       1 year ago

      Easy answer, an upcoming tech hub where companies can launch away from the even more competitive markets as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Is only a positive signal towards the Austin community where they have the luxury to choose between different services. However, Twelf is the first of its kind with a business model that does not exist yet. It is not an ordinary application like Uber or Lyft.