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     1 year ago in  What happens if your Uber breaks down?

    Sure that's the case AFTER a ride begins. The other day my car broke down. Due to the fuel pump going out the very moment the passenger got in before I could hit the start ride. I apologize to the guy right away and called uber help and told them my car died. Support told me that since the ride had not technically started that he had to cancel the ride himself which would have cost him a $13 cancellation fee. He didn't have it in his account to cover a cancellation plus another ride so we were both stuck in a bad situation.  Him broke as well as my fuel pump going out. I told him that since he didn't have it in his account and his house was 15 miles away from where he worked that the only way I could get him back to his place would be about a half mile at a time then I would have to pull off to the side of the road turn the car off for a moment then restart the car and go down the road another half mile or so repeating the process until we reached his destination. It was a ride from hell and not just because of the South Florida heat, we almost got hit by a pickup truck at a big intersection when my vehicle stalled. Luckily that driver was paying attention and swerved to avoid hitting us. Anyway after just over an hour I got him back to his place unharmed. Uber places corporate profits over human life. Then after I finally made it back home I called them and demanded that they give him a refund for such a horrible experience the representative I spoke to said the only way they could do that was to take it out of my pay so I told them just take the money since they care more for money than they do the safety of their customers and drivers. I am so disgusted by what they did. So needless to say I won't work for them until they can resolve this potentially fatal flaw in their organization. We both could have been killed that day. So f..k uber. Perhaps Lyft has a better policy for when a vehicle breaks down before the customer can get the door closed and their seatbelt on.