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  • Hey everyone,

    I see your messages and replies are from a year ago. I am from Chicago metro and I have been an Uber driver with a 4.97 star rating all along with more than 7000 rides. The same situation happened to me in mid March 2020 just few weeks before COVID-19 hit USA and shut everything down. I called, called, called and I think I called Uber support at least 22 times asking what have I done wrong for my account to get deactivated. I think finally the 23rd call support informed me that my driver license is fraudulent. I was just speechless when I heard that. Keep in mind, I use the same DL for Lyft as well as personal use.
    long story short, I went to Uber Greenlight hub in-person and I showed them my DL. The guy held my DL at every direction looking for anything unusual and he even compared it with his own DL and there was nothing he could find wrong, BUT they still did not accepted my DL. They said to go to DMV and get a new DL as well as a letter from DMV that states your DL has always been valid to date. WHAT the F***ing joke... I mean really A-hole, uneducated mother F*** peace of SH#%#T!!!! REALLY!!!
    I said Ok and carried on. The next day all DVMs and every store and every place on earth shut down due to COVID-19. So, I could not go to DVM or even drive or do anything. I waited till July and took the time and visited DMV and got a new DL along with a letter from state of secretary that states when my DL was issued and my record has been super clean. Those documents cost me $29 and I had to drive around with a stupid temp DL until I got my real new DL in the mail. Went back to stupid Uber Greenlight in-person again. The same person who spoke to me last time was there. He remembered me. I showed him all the new documents and the letter he requested. They uploaded all the BS to whatever special team they have. It has been almost a week and no word of any kind. My account is still deactivated. I have a feeling this is not going to resolve and it was a total waist of F*** time and money spent.

    I care less to drive for Uber and as matter a fact ever since I have been with Lyft for past ~4 years I used Uber occasionally. I am just wondering if Lyft does not have an issue with my DL and the police officers don’t have an issue with my DL and every other government facility does not have an issue with my DL ... why the F*** Uber is having an issue with my DL and accuse me of submitting a fraudulent document?

    I have yet to meet again the stupidest and most pathetic people as I have met the ones I met with in the Greenlight hub. I have yet to comprehend an Uber support phone rep. That is the only job they are capable of and are the lowest human beings I have ever seen. A donkey has a better manner and brain than the Greenlight Uber reps - seriously.

    Anyway folks, looks like I got pinned for the same crap you guys have and I just wish I knew what I really did wrong for my app to get deactivated after 5+ years of nothing but AWESOME service for every single 7000 plus rides I have completed.

    I just stick with Lyft and do my hardest and best to weaken Uber in all my power.

    If anyone here has an update on your Uber document “fraudulent” story please post here. I am very interested to know and learn about it.