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  • It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be haha. Living here is a lot different than vacationing here, it isn’t always paradise. At the same time though... if I’m not working I’m essentially in perpetual vacation mode 😎

  • Absolutely! You know, they could also choose to be ready before they even call the ride. That would be logical correct? If you live in a populated city it should never take more than 5 minutes for a driver to get to you, get ready before hand! Too many people don’t understand this and choose to call the ride before they are even remotely ready to go, leaving me waiting by the pickup point (making little to no money) for entirely too long. Be ready first!

  • Oh yes I agree. 90% of the time I bite my tongue and let it all slide (these people can rate me lol so I continue to be cheery). The only one I always say something about is when they expect me to break the law.

  • Parents with no car seats is a big one too. Too many!

  • You’d be surprised, more than half of my rides are people that live here! Close to 1 million live on this tiny little island.

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     2 weeks ago in  Locked out of my lyft driver account unfairly

    Uber is better anyways! I’ve been driving Uber only and I’m quite alright with that. Lyft cut their rates HEAVILY in Honolulu with their new “get paid as soon as you hit accept” system. I went from $1.12 a mile to $.57 a mile! Uber just released all their new perks and incentives with Uber pro which I really like. So maybe this was a blessing in disguise, I was already fed up with lyft before this!

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     3 weeks ago in  Locked out of my lyft driver account unfairly

    Yes I do still currently drive for Uber. I signed up for both around the same time. It did pop up on my Uber BG but they didn’t disqualify me for it. I signed up for lyft first I think because it was on the county level it didn’t initially show up and I got the green light to drive lyft. I make more money with uber anyways it’s just annoying when it’s slow. I liked being able to run both apps and maximize my time on the road. Part of me thinks it’s because there are too many drivers in Honolulu. Another lyft driver told me (don’t know how true this is) that there are so many lyft drivers in this city that they stopped taking new applicants shortly after I signed up. It’s possible that even though it’s not in the driver requirements, they weeded out anybody with ANYTHING on their BG check. I guess my driver rating of 4.98 means nothing...

  • I’m a lyft driver in Honolulu and after the first night I can vouch that I made at least 20% less than I would have! Looks like I’m mostly going to be driving Uber now... I’m disappointed in lyft. They cut our rates from $1.125 a mile to $.57 a mile. No way the increase per minute ($.165 to $.255) will make up for that. $.09 increase? Really lyft? I’d rather take the extra $.55 a mile. I’m not happy. 

  • I am a lyft driver in Honolulu, one of the test cities for the new rate system. It was launched yesterday and after my first night driving with the new rates, I am not a fan. Lyft made it seem like this was such a great thing for drivers, but it was just a way for them to hide a pay cut from us. Some rides, yes, you make more money, but I’d say 80% of rides you actually make less money. Only if you are sitting in traffic or if it is a long pick up (most rides aren’t) you make more money. I drove for 6 hours and I should have made at least $150 with the old rates. Instead I made $125. Here are the old rates vs. the new  rates.

    That is a full $.55 less per mile!!! I am not happy.