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     1 year ago in  What to do with a crying passenger?

    Keep your head out of where it doesnt belong. heaven forbid you rub her the wrong way and you get sued (or a low rating)

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     1 year ago in  An Inside Look at Lyft’s Streak Bonuses

    I don't know why but I keep seeing Steak Bonuses.  I want steak.

  • What's a B crew?

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     1 year ago in  It's time to call Rideshare what it is: Taxi

    They do now, right?  requirements to provide wheelchair service, accept credit cards, always accept rides and not cherry pick, etc.

    Not sure if we have any one is fighting for ethics at this point. 

  • Let me start by saying that I don't have any problem with UberPool. I'm gladly accepting all the UberPool requests because I always get incentives and promotions and UberPool actually help me achieve them. Most drivers who complain about UberPool are the ones that don't get any incentives. I came to realization that Uber reward drivers who accept Pool requests with incentives (No uber didn't pay me to say that, its just an observation).

    Well, the only problem I have with UberPool is bad ratings. Here are some of the reasons why Uber riders rate badly:

    1. They think that they can outsmart the system by calling in UberPool and keep the trip to themselves. Maybe it worked for them several times and it became a norm for them to only request UberPool even when they are late for work. Guess what buddy, Uber will add a second request automatically and yes you will be late at work. Of course, it is so easy to take it on the driver.

    2. Some UberPool riders think that they can social with others (Example a guy wants to talk to a girl). I noticed that some girls are not interested to talk. They just say hi and mind their own business. Well guess what, the guy will take their frustration on the driver with bad rating. So much for the UberPool social experiment.

    3. UberPool requestors are cheap riders who are mad at the world. They want to save as much money as possible, even if it is few cents. Since they are mad at the world, they assume that you are taking their money. If the ride is not free, they are not happy. How do they express their anger? bad rating of the driver.

    4. As a driver, I don't mind to talk to cool people. You can tell that if the person wants to talk or mind their business playing with their phone. With UberPool, you can get two parties, the ones that want to talk and the ones that would like to keep quite. It could be that if you talk, the quite party will rate you bad because you are annoying them. If you do not talk, the talkative party will rate you bad because they want to live the ultimate Uber Experience where you have to pamper them.

    I know many people just would tell me, don't do UberPool. I will keep doing it because I'm a driver with incentives all the time. It is just I wish Uber would not allow UberPool riders to rate. Or you only take the higher rate from any trip that has multiple rides.