An Inside Look at Lyft’s Streak Bonuses

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jan 06, 2021
Updated Jan 06, 2021


Lyft Streak Bonus

Lyft loves to entice drivers by implementing various forms of gamification bonuses to their app. One such bonus that isn’t talked about much is Lyft’s Streak Bonus. This is most likely because Streak Bonuses are not available very often and depend on passenger demand, only being offered during the busiest times.

What is Lyft’s Streak Bonus?

A streak bonus is awarded to a driver when they accept a required number of ride requests back-to-back. Right before a streak bonus is active, Lyft will send the driver an email or text notifying them that a streak bonus hour is active. Lyft will also inform drivers of the ride requirement and the bonus amount.

A driver’s streak will begin after they complete their first ride during a streak bonus offer hour and complete that ride. Keep in mind that you only have to BEGIN your streak during the specified hour, not complete all the streak rides. For example, if the streak bonus offer hour is from 1-2 PM, you must accept the first ride by 2 PM. If you accept the remaining rides required after the streak bonus offer hour, the streak bonus is still valid. 

A streak will break between rides if a driver:

Your ride streak may also be affected if you fall behind the original ETA by more than 5 minutes while on your way to pick up a rider.

The required number of rides changes for each streak bonus. You can see active streaks and track your progress online in the Lyft Driver app. The streak counter increases with each successful, back-to-back pickup in a streak.

How to start a Lyft streak

  1. Pick up or accept the first ride during a streak bonus hour and complete that ride
  2. Stay online in driver mode
  3. Stay online and accept every ride until you've completed a required number of rides in a row
  4. That’s it! Pretty simple.



When do I get my streak bonus?

Your Streak Bonus is added to your earnings as soon as the streak’s last ride is completed.

Do Passenger cancellations affect my streak?

No, you will not be affected if a passenger cancels a ride on you. However, if a passenger cancels a ride on you and it is the first ride of your streak then that ride won’t count and you will need to accept another ride to start your streak.

Do shared rides count in the Lyft Streak Bonus?

Yes, in fact, each pickup during a shared ride counts as a ride towards your streak total!


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    I don't know why but I keep seeing Steak Bonuses.  I want steak.

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    If I am in a ride before a streak begins and complete the ride during the streak, does that ride count towards my streak? I am not sure, I am of the opinion that it doesn't, and that causes me to try to ensure I am not in a ride at the beginning of the streak, yet when it does happen... it appears like it counted it but I'm never really sure.