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  • Unfortunately the drivers can do that...I just had an issue last Saturday with a 'gentleman', who couldn't find us at Gatwick Airport and my phone run out of battery whilst waiting for him approximately 15-20 minutes. Not being able to track him anymore, we used my partner's phone and called another driver (using her account), however the first driver after arriving to the scene decided not to loose a £62 trip and did the whole trip with no passengers on board...

    I gave the first 'gentleman' the massive one star rating and contacted Uber straight away, but they don't want to refund me, saying that the trip was totally legitimate although I think neither they nor their driver would be able to prove any details about this trip like number of passengers etc.

    Now I lost my money and have no idea how to claim it back...will never use Uber again...they don't protect their customers...very dissapointed:(