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    Regarding CV 19 and Germs

    I strongly suggest that passengers use latex gloves and a face mask when using ride share which is a private …

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     2 years ago in  Can you get bedbugs from an Uber car?

    A fair majority of hipsters aka Jerk Offs are sloppy ass pigs so if you get bugs it's most likely from your fellow passengers

  • I never have worked in a job where I am making almost half of my income then I did in 1988 . We do not need complex software to give us info on wages when it's perfectly clear that we are not making what we should be making . Whatever you gross you will approximately net 40% which also includes medical and retirement savings. Realistically you need to bend over to gross $10000 because those tiny wages set by NYC is crappola . Uber is a criminal institution and those who profited greatly off the sweat and blood of the driver's will be punished if not here but upon their last breathe.

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     2 years ago in  Should I give low ratings to Uber drivers who solicit tips?

    It is tacky to beg for a tip but on the other hand it was disgraceful of Uber and Lyft to tell passengers not to tip.