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     5 years ago in  Do Poorer People Tip More than the Rich?

    It is not always the p/u point; sometimes the destination. 99.5% of people who live in economically depressed areas are not millionaires.

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     5 years ago in  Do Poorer People Tip More than the Rich?

    While I try to always appreciate what I have by remembering/trying not to be judgmental (mentally; I never say such things to riders/customers), I have noticed the less affluent can and do tip more than the  affluent. I actually got into this gig not expecting tips, so they are really sweet when I do receive them, and I have been wowed when the less affluent tip me. Maybe that's a sign of some preconceived ideas, but it always reiterates to remain humble and continue to be respectful.

    Not to hijack this thread, but I always wonder about the riders who make it a point to say they'll tip me thru the app. I always wonder if that's their way of hoping I will give a good rating. If so, it doesn't matter to me if they tip me a $100. If they're a jerk, then I rate them accordingly.

  • The customer's rating is not what the o p asked. He asked about the "review", which I interpret as the rider's review of the driver/experience. Op  might want to do clarify, but if I am correct, the driver cannot read any particular rider's review/rating.

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     5 years ago in  What type of transport

    "Usually? " I am pretty sure the " larger car" is mandatory for the mentioned levels of service.  Also, you are giving preferential treatment to Uber. Doesn't Lyft offer similar services?  On a related note, I don't know how drivers in small cars pick up some fares similar to one described. I did a lot of research to buy my 2nd rideshare car and bought a midsize in hopes of accommodating most airport runs in basic services. I have been amazed of what people expect to get in basic fare. Think people to/from 2nd/3rd world countries, each one carrying one or more giant suitcases.  A prius owner couldn't do it. 🤔