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Uber and Lyft could have shown some love (if they were sincere)

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 Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

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Uber and Lyft and lots of rich folks will get richer with their respective IPOs. These two companies could have shown their drivers some appreciation without spending a cent.  They could have offered their drivers a crack at their IPOs, at least those with a brokerage account and some funds to invest with. As any investor knows, not just anyone can buy into an ipo. It is most often reserved for those with a lot of money  to invest, as well as other criteria.

Uber and Lyft could have made exceptions for their drivers who at least had a brokerage account and some money to invest by waiving the usual requirements (don't bother to tell me it's a third party who handles the ipo. I know that, but the companies could insist), but they didn't, or at least I never got the memo.  Making such an offer/opportunity would have gotten them a lot of good will with their drivers, which they sorely need right now-again, assuming they actually care.