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  • The best passenger i have ever had was a box of shoes from thr city to Brooklyn and back with samples of fabric to the same spot. 

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     4 years ago in  Man commits suicide in the back of a NYC Taxi

    Dont think Uber can charge a dead persons credit card for cleaning fees..

  • I've been driving in NYC since April 2017 on full time basis started with renting for a few months which was a killer then bought a car and it made a world of difference. my initial investment was $5000 for the car and my monthly expenses are 250 for car, 400 insurance, 450 for gas and around 200 a month for EZ pass plus maintenence if needed. To me its a business not just a job, so I set daily, weekly and monthly goals and with that in mind I manage to gross $6000 a month and net a little under $5k after expenses, and income tax to follow later. 

    I have met and seen guys who gross 2000/week doing just Uber and nothing else which is amazing and I've only managed to do that on my first month, after the first month, its a hustle but can be done if you have the energy to chase it... btw i'm in my 40's and 2 kids... time is of the essence.