Do Uber drivers give low ratings to passengers that are quiet and do not engage in conversations?

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Posted 1 week ago

The Guru Take

Not that we know of. Most drivers are happy to concentrate on their job, driving!

Most drivers are happy to stay quiet and focus on their driving.  Many do try to be polite and also entertaining.  (Afterall they do work for tips!)  With that said, experienced drivers know how to gauge the riders and determine when they want to talk or rather keep quiet.

Be polite and do respond to some exchanges, but if you run into overly talkative drivers, simply say, "I am going to get a few Z's" or "I am going to get some work done. Let me know if you need directions."

In terms of negative ratings?  As long as you are not rude, drivers will have no reason to give you a bad rating.  Loud or quiet, you did a good job as a rider, right?  

Uber Driver, CEO of TaxiFareFinder and Unleashed, LLC
Last updated Apr 15, 2018


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