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     6 years ago in  I heard taxis are going to start doing upfront pricing?

    The option of negotiating an upfront flat rate has always been available with taxis. You just have to ask. Car service has always existed and they charge by flat rate also. Nothing new. I've done both for the past 20+ years in Orlando. But, in New York, if you hail the cab, they have to use meter, if you call, they give you a flat rate. So, some bigger cities are different because of strict regulations.

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     6 years ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    Anybody who orders an Uber, it's clearly implying that they are 18 and over by accepting the terms of Use of the app. All drivers should assume that they are indeed 18 unless told otherwise. They rider lied, not the driver, it should not be the drivers responsibilty to vet rider. Additionally, the minor rider/ parent it's putting themselves at risk because any accidents they will not be covered.

  • At least in Florida, both your dwelling and vehicle are considered your "Castle Doctrine". If someone under road rage for example, tries to open your car door, or stick their hand thru the window to grab you per say, you could actually use deadly force. Your life doesn't have to be in danger in order for you to stand your ground in your Castle Doctrine.

  • Drivers get vetted and you always have a few that sneak thru the system. Now, let's flip the coin, could you imagine the amount of convicted felons that ride in your private car because they don't get vetted?

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     6 years ago in  Have you ever been recorded inside an Uber and a taxi?

    Every business you go to now a days, you are being recorded, it's no secret. Anytime you leave your home, you should assume you are possibly being recorded. Same applies here. A stranger it's willing to share their personal car with you for way less than a traditional taxi, and your main concern is that you are being recorded? It's also for the protection of the riders, not just the driver. Also, driver has being vetted, rider has not, so driver it's always more at risk. As a matter of fact, I've already heard of women riders that will not ride with Uber or Lyft unless driver has a dashcam. Go figure...

  • For the record, Universal Studios Orlando and Disney's Hollywood Studios are 2 different parks. They are inquiring about Universal, and the picture above  it's of Disney's Hollywood Studios.