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     3 days ago in  Uber Sues New York - yet again!

    To solve the problems you listed, they should lowered the price.  ...or just let it go lower. 

    In fact, the state demanded the rates be raised to “save” the drivers. Public uproar. 

    This artificial intervention messed with things that weren’t broken. Drivers thought they’d get paid more with higher prices, but everyone else flooded the market and they ended up making less money. How stupid

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     3 days ago in  Uber Sues New York - yet again!

    New York is ruining the gig economy and its goals. Can we just let Capitalism do its work? 

    Let people work whenever or how-much-ever people want. The capiltalism and fee market will bring the balance naturally. 

    Too many cars on the road? Lower the rates so more people will quit driving.  Not enough drivers? Raise the rates. Not enough ridership? Lower the price. Too many? increae it. It’s quite simple. 

  • I think journalists got bored writing about the evil empire. Too busy writing about Trump right now. The other evil empire. 

  • I think the poster is a jerk, but I'd imagine an element of his question is asking, "why wouldn't you do something else if you hate Uber so much."  There are more ways than Uber to make money.

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