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  • Does this absolve Uber of liability and fault? Well, probably not as an employer but what about it’s technology?

    I don’t know much about law but this seems to mean that the technology or the process would have saved this bicyclist. 

  • I don’t think anyone would disagree without this factoid.  A cabin shared by hundreds of strangers? It’s absolutely disgusting. 

    I’m not saying it’s wrong that drivers don’t care, but drivers don’t care, right?  I think each rider needs to look out for themselves. 

    I respect and appreciate you that you clean your car, but  I wonder if your rider knows that or even have that level of expectation!  :)

  • While I agree with other posters that some customers are jerks and you should do what's right, this is a customer service business like retail or restaurant.  Sometimes you just suppress your pride and feelings, take the "customers' always right" approach, and defuse the situation for the sake of the business.

    I've worked in a restaurant business for 20+ years and manage 50+ employees. I have faced enough nasty customers. I do not go out of my way to prove them wrong (as much as I'd like to), I swallow my pride, listen, and "resolve" the situation.  That includes apologizing to mean (and often wrong) customers and giving away free food.  These people will not learn their lessons from me and it isn't my responsibility to teach them a lesson.  I want to protect my staff and the reputation of my restaurant, and I take that as a part of my job as a leader. (Also, those Yelp reviews hold a lot of weight.)  For my few minutes of embarrassment, I get to save the establishment and my team's reputation.  Hey, I will take it.

    This isn't why customer industry isn't for every one.  as to how much of this applies to Uber driving?  I don't know! You be the judge.  I will say one thing though...  There are drivers whom I met who definitely should not be in the customer serving business.  Just sayin'.

    Lastly?  When I get off my shift, I am no pushover on the streets!

  • Impressive!

    What do these other numbers mean? I’ve never driven an Uber so I have no idea. 

    2% doesn’t sound so good. Or is that supposed to be low, like the % of the time people complain or something 

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     5 years ago in  Uber Sues New York - yet again!

    To solve the problems you listed, they should lowered the price.  ...or just let it go lower. 

    In fact, the state demanded the rates be raised to “save” the drivers. Public uproar. 

    This artificial intervention messed with things that weren’t broken. Drivers thought they’d get paid more with higher prices, but everyone else flooded the market and they ended up making less money. How stupid

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     5 years ago in  Uber Sues New York - yet again!

    New York is ruining the gig economy and its goals. Can we just let Capitalism do its work? 

    Let people work whenever or how-much-ever people want. The capiltalism and fee market will bring the balance naturally. 

    Too many cars on the road? Lower the rates so more people will quit driving.  Not enough drivers? Raise the rates. Not enough ridership? Lower the price. Too many? increae it. It’s quite simple. 

  • I think journalists got bored writing about the evil empire. Too busy writing about Trump right now. The other evil empire. 

  • I think the poster is a jerk, but I'd imagine an element of his question is asking, "why wouldn't you do something else if you hate Uber so much."  There are more ways than Uber to make money.