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  • precisely.

    working for 1/3 of country's minimum hourly wage, AND being hoodwinked by corporate baddies, DarthVaderEnterprises /Uber, thwarting any attempt to improve conditions for drivers, who are NOT 'partners' in ANY sense of the word, being accepters of TERMS / conditions period.

    There is zero meaningful two way communication as a Philippine call centre is the only responder, in a 'short form' version of our language, some reps' accents are unintelligible, ALL have zero 'authority' to address daily / repeated / unsolved concerns.

  • we get NOTHING in provincial NZ.

    routinely sent 20 minutes 2 cities over for short trips, long pickup fee is a myth.

    no destination offered.

    no assistance from Philippine call centre speaking a 'short form' version of our language offers zero help always denies escalation, 2 weeks SAME daily concerns never addressed / solved = normal behavior.

  • DarthVaderEnterprises / Uber take 1/3 of the GROSS which is 60% of current taxi prices in this area, Uber can't lose, paying Philippine call centre pennies ( they;re worth less as they do nought to assist), whilst we languish working for less than 1/3 of country's minimum hourly wage.

    methinks it's about directors/management compensation / stock options / share price / cash out after cannibalizing the industry, rather than driver well being. The oft repeated phrase like 'driver -partner', BIG LIE technique notwithstanding, scripts read by call centre suggesting they're there to help, belie the fact they do nothing of the sort. Thwart any attempt to escalate and solve multitude of concerns.

  • 15% maximum for the app, less than half of what they currently take might be fair, IF their was any promotion locally for the service, which is largely unknown, in it's infancy in provincial NZ, larger centres Auckland Wellington Christchurch been going a while

  • 1/3 of minimum WAGE !

    In provincial NZ, UBER rakes off 28% PLUS $1.10 equates to 1/3 of GROSS fare, (only 60% of current taxi rates).

    logged on 10 hours of weekly allowable 70 in a typical day gross sales 50-100$.

    NETT, after expenses (Fuel x2 USA cost) leaves less than 5nzd (usd3.30) hourly in a country with nzd17.60 (usd11.50approx) minimum wage.

    Uber dictates all terms, driver pays all expenses, zero support from Philippine call centre, requests to escalate denied 2 weeks same issue cannot wait in airport holding area queue = security says move away from where Uber app directs, and many more 'concerns', all routinely ignored.

    OLA is next ride sharing app coming to provincial NZ, their software looks REAL POOR based on driver reviews

  • We get nada in NZ.

    No escalate as requested same concerns 2 weeks Philippines call centre.

    No greenlight hungry for 400 miles, so zero face to face.

    Routinely sent 20+ minutes for short trips in next city.

    One trip in 4 hours yesterday

  • I'm not a tweeter,  sorry.

    I did a walk in to uber drivers lot in New Orleans and spoke to someone who sorted a rider problem last year.

    Sadly, nearest to me where I DRIVE is 500kms away.

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    amen brother, you have an accurate perception, can't disagree with any of your points.


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    How many drivers have logged on.



    Opportunity- where are riders waiting.

    I a ride 15 miles away, without knowing if it's a 3 minute grocery trip ,( this happened) how can driver protect himself