Ride Apprentice from St. Lucia

Caribbean Investment Opportunities in St. Lucia
4 Driver Driver Rider

THE CARPET MEDIA GROUP is an Entrepreneurship company creating innovative, unique and profitable business startups in the Transport, Technology, E-Commerce, Tourism, Broadcast and Commercial Real Estate Industries for the purpose of  offering investment opportunities to investors. Click here to see available options.

The Carpet Media Group offers Caribbean Investment Opportunities in St. Lucia. We seek available opportunities and create greater opportunities to attract investors. 


We create non available innovative opportunities for seeking investors.

We make sure that we incorporate today's technology in our investment options. The advantage of integrating technology and the internet in business is the fact that unlike the other traditional methods of doing business, the Internet and technology is not limited by geography. Therefore the use of Internet and Technology coupled with other business industry areas to create, run a business, offer services, build networks, advertise and broadcast is limitless. 



Our Mission is to be the No.1 provider of innovative investment opportunities in the Caribbean to suitable investor's worldwide. 


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