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The Caribbean Ride Sharing Company; One App Many Services

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3 Rider Driver Driver
 Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

The Caribbean is getting it's own model of Smart Transportation.

Caribbean Booked Smart Transportation

The Caribbean consists of 28 islands with a total population of 42.4 million people. The Caribbean also welcomes millions of travelers from Asia, USA, Canada and Europe who travel on vacation or for business. 

So what exactly is RIDE Caribbean?

RIDE Caribbean is a Booked Smart Transportation Company owned and operated in St. Lucia. They are the official company for First Class and Economy Class Transportation services.

RIDE Caribbean also offers Riders its own fleet of vehicles. The fleet offers standard Wi-Fi, Charging Ports, 110v outlets, HD Security Cameras and 24/7 Air Condition. Whether it is a 15 minute or 8 hour ride; there is no more waiting in queue, high rates or contracts to sign.

RIDE Caribbean offers Booked Luxury Airport Transfers, Luxury Island Tours, Day Chauffeur Services and Luxury Mobile Parties. RIDE Caribbean offers its booked services via the ROED App at http://roed.app

Take a look at RIDE Caribbean at http://ridecaribbean.com 


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    40 Rider
     2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, I might be heading to St. Lucia in May!

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      OP 3 Rider Driver Driver
       2 years ago

      Great hopefully we will already be in full operation. cool