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Looking for a good Samaritan to help me return home

Stranded here in barrie Ontario Canada on little and Bayview on tamarack rd adjacent to Allendale Reccenter and across from Huskies Gas in the developed behind the park unit 28. Im looking for a good samaritan to help me return home safely to Montréal Quebec I'm suppose to be living there currently but locals here and there in a hate group who are posing as my friends to ruin me falsely are abusing me now for years. They're making false content claims etc, slandering my name and reputation in the GTA/MTL and online/offline, falsely posing as gardians family friends medical reps in friends circles and as well medical and police connections to isolate me in this area. You can reach me at (705) 243-3032 if I say I don't want help it's likely the people targeting me I'm dealing with a medical issue they caused causing me rapid weight and other severe physical problems. I am desperately trying to get home to montreal quebec to see my family again before this kills me please this isn't a joke or scam people are editing my accounts and content to hide me here illegally I really need help please.


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    Can you help me please? Please this isn't spam or a scam or joke I'm in real trouble and need a good samaritan. Please check my profile and post, they might be attacked by third-party hackers but it's about me needing a good samaritan to help me return home safely to Montréal Quebec I'm being targeted by a hate group and they keep trying to trap me in the gta in hopes that I die stranded and of starvation. They're slandering my reputation everywhere falsely due to my being mixed ethnicity and have been recording the abuse done to me to make me look crazy when it's me reacting to extreme abuse. Please help I have no friends here in Ontario who can or know I need help I've been cut contact with my friends and family here and back home.