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When is the cheapest time of day to get a Lyft car ride?

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 Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

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     1 year ago

    Outdated info. Last night I checked Lyft for a long ride and it quoted $200 plus and this morning it's under $110, a hundred difference 

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       11 months ago

      Don't get me started on the crazy prices these days. They are pretty much unusable.  From downtown to my house, it was over $160 the other day where it's usually $45. Wha?   I get it that it was Saturday night (around midnight) but that's insane. Where did all the drivers go?

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      86 Driver
       1 year ago

      Saturday nights are usually busy. Especially for a long ride. So much demand, and rideshare drivers need to play too. 

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     3 years ago

    Well, basic economics says that Lyft will be cheapest during off-peak times, so avoid rush hours or closing time at the bars.

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     3 years ago

    My ride into work using Lyft is always more expensive than the ride home please explain.

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      1202 Rider Driver Guru
       3 years ago

      For your trips out to work, it's likely that the demand is higher.  The price fluctuates due to Uber and Lyft's new pricing methods. (See exception under the Guru answer)

      Uber and Lyft do not always disclose "surges" or "high-demand" pricing to the users anymore, so they quote you a price for your particular route and particular time. I would imagine the demand on the way to work is higher for you.

      The generic public often has to be at work between 8 and 9AM, but there is a larger window for getting off work, say between 3 and 6. That may attribute to the difference.