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Stranded in Barrie Need Help Returning Home To Montreal Quebec

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 Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I'm stranded in barrie desperately trying to return home to montreal quebec where I'm suppose to currently be living, im being targeted by a hate group. I was coerced in to being here and I am dealing with a medical emergency that is likely going to kill me. Local police and medical practioners are being blackmailed or apart of the group so are ex connections here.

 I'm being coerced robbed antagonized isolated abused misrepresented and neglected left with only 95 dollars to my name because I have been slandered all over town and online by people posing as me or family members while I'm stranded on tamarack rd and little across from Allendale Reccenter and huskies gas. 

I am desperately needing a good Samaritans help as I have no one to help me out and im just being bullied into staying locked in Barrie Ontario Canada while I have something eating my body weight rapidly away after someone did a rogue surgery on me. 

Please help me get home thus isn't a scam or joke or crazy talk like those attacking me locally and online are falsely stating I actually am being kept locally in the Toronto Barrie area intentionally in hopes that I die stranded here. Please help me return home!

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