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  • Lyft drivers--- yes you can afford to reject minors because I report all attempted rides of minors, and Lyft gives me the cancellation fee for each one. It is unreasonable to pin this problem on Lyft policy because it's the parents who hold the account and masquerade as if its themselves taking the ride. One thing Lyft could do is not make it so difficult to make the report. (No, they do not have a button for minor when you go to cancel, but they should.)

  • Does anyone know if Lyft has a partnership with Didi to allow riders to use the Didi app to request a ride from LAX and the ride gets automatically referred to a Lyft driver? I seem to remember something like this being announced about a year ago.

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     2 years ago in  Will Uber ever be Profitable?

    Good article which points out there is a point to operating a business below operating costs-- that is to bankrupt all your competitors who are not rich enough to survive you. Once you have a monopoly then you can recoup your money. I used to also drive a school bus, and this practice is alive and well as more and more public school districts privatize bussing and are legally required to grant contracts to the lowest bidder.

    The author doesn't take self-driving technology seriously enough in my opinion. The way I understand it, technology is not always advancing at a constant rate but always accelerating.

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     2 years ago in  Why Uber & Lyft Despise The California AB5 Bill

    Excellent article. I got a big surprise when I filed my taxes last year as an IC and realized I have to pay 100% of my Medicare/Social Security taxes instead of half of it like any other employee of a company. That's a lot of money.