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     1 month ago in  Uber Makes Big Changes to Driver App!

    We need a lawyer to help us sue uber like California did. When I drive uber eats now, uber keeps your money by not paying for all trips taken that day, saying wait 48 hrs for the money. On July 23, 2022, approx 1p -3p I drove 5 uber eats deliveries and was only paid for 3 , even when support and my uber app showed 5 trips, I filed a complaint online and with support who transferred me 8 times 2 days straight, no help to solve missing money. The same thing happened again on 8/14/22, I delivered 4 uber eats and was only paid for 3 deliveries, same thing called support in front of delivery address when delivery money did not show up. I was tricked to taking a 40 min delivery for $16.97 and the customer paid only $7 and the customer receives no consequences for cancelling tips to drivers, sho would not take this long delivery drive, this is tricking uber eats drivers to deliver for free or cheap. So uber eats is allowing customers to take back tips after food is delivered quickly, with no consequences,this is taking money from the uber eats drivers, with high gas prices, uber drivers are being tricked by uber ordering customers. So uber eats and the ordering customers are both cheating the driver to deliver food. 1. Uber could show the exact fare + tip before the trip.  2. Uber could show the mileage from pick up to delivery before accepting the trip. 3. Pay driver immediately after dropping off food. ON ALL RIDES. 4. Uber customers can add to the TIP, BUT NOT TAKE TIP AWAY AFTER FOOD IS GOTTEN. Right now this is not happening and drivers are losing money, while uber is on the stock market growing. CROOKS treat folks this way.  NEED A LAWYER ASAP ESPECIALLY IN TEXAS.

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     1 month ago in  Uber did not paid for missing trip.

    Houston, TX on July 23, 1p-330p I did 5 rides and uber EATS only paid me for 3 rides, but on my app and uber support showed 5 rides, uber never paid me after I filed online and verbally with uber support. Then again on Aug 14, 1130am - 215pm, I delivered 4 uber eats and uber EATS paid me for 3 TRIPS, again 1 trip missing. And I took a trip for 16.97 and drove 40min the uber eats order tip was taken away when they got their food. This has happened several times before on long uber eats deliveries. Uber stock goes up because Uber STEALS AND CHEATS ITS DRIVERS. NEED A LAWYER HELP OR UNION.