Uber Makes Big Changes to Driver App!

Posted by: RideGuru Team Aug 02, 2022

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Uber Driver Flexibility

Perhaps the biggest perk of being a rideshare driver is the flexibility. Turn the app on when you want to work and shut it back off when you are finished. Work a 60-hour week or a 2-hour week. The flexibility is unparalleled to any other job.

Uber understands this and, in an effort to make their Driver app the “absolute best platform”, Uber has added new key features that give drivers three main things: even more flexibility, more choice, and more support.

Reimagined Upfront Fares

Uber Upfront Fares

Uber is dedicated to showing drivers how much they will earn and where they will be going before accepting a trip. According to Uber, “we’ve completely reimagined the way drivers accept rides. Our new trip request screen makes it easier for drivers to decide if a trip is worth their time and effort by providing all the details—including exactly how much they’ll earn and where they’re going—upfront.”

Uber’s new Upfront Fares Driver request screen was piloted in a handful of cities earlier this year and Uber stated that they noticed both the driver and rider experience improve.


More Choice, More Trips

Uber Trip Radar 

This is perhaps our teams most favorite new feature, Trip Radar! In the past, drivers have been sent just one trip request at a time. However, with Uber’s new Trip Radar, drivers will be able to see a list of other trips happening nearby will have the AND will have the ability to pick another trip that might work better for them.


Increased Driver Support

In addition to the above two new features, Uber has also partnered with Mastercard, Branch, and Marqeta on a new Uber Pro debit card and checking account that will help drivers save on gas, fees, and more.

According to Uber, “When drivers pay for gas with the Uber Pro Card, they’ll get cash back at any station, in any city. The higher their Uber Pro status, the more cash back—that means up to 7% cash back on gas at select stations with Diamond status.” Further, because the Uber Pro Card is a debit card, there is no credit check or annual fees!

Also, Uber is planning to bring back their Uber Pro Program this coming November to better recognize and reward drivers. With Uber’s Pro Program, drivers will get Area Preferences (choose preferred pick up and drop off areas), discounts on drinks and snacks at 7-Eleven, and a Gold Star Membership from Costco for new members.

What do you think of these new initiatives? Will this help Uber to retain more drivers? Let us know in the forum!

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    The features are nice but it does not reflect inflation , safety , high commission rates and poor tips .How about adding a 20%  surcharge that goes directly to the driver?