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Texas - Uber eats is stealing/cheating drivers out of their money

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 Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

We need a lawyer to help us sue uber like California did. When I drive uber eats now, uber keeps your money by not paying for all trips taken that day, saying wait 48 hrs for the money. On July 23, 2022, approx 1p -3p I drove 5 uber eats deliveries and was only paid for 3 , even when support and my uber app showed 5 trips, I filed a complaint online and with support who transferred me 8 times 2 days straight, no help to solve missing money. The same thing happened again on 8/14/22, I delivered 4 uber eats and was only paid for 3 deliveries, same thing called support in front of delivery address when delivery money did not show up. I was tricked to taking a 40 min delivery for $16.97 and the customer paid only $7 and the customer receives no consequences for tricking uber eats driver, So uber eats and the ordering customer is taking money from the driver. with high gas prices, uber drivers are being tricked by uber and the customer.  NEED A LAWYER ASAP ESPECIALLY IN TEXAS.


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     6 months ago

    No check your boosts man I'm in Dallas and they stole hundreds from me in my boosts it got to the point to where they don't offer them anymore to me

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     8 months ago


    But with a twist. Once I complained and a fare review was done, my app shows I was credited but not the pro card. Fucking thieves