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  • It was definitely happening here in Florida when I drove over the weekend. Two days later I had my pay figures and I was able to cash out, thank goodness. Hopefully it's all fixed now -???? I haven't driven since Saturday so I don't know.

  • Hi KrisL, I'm glad you mentioned the idea that location has a lot to do with it. I live/work in the Tampa Bay Florida area -- in a recently published Rideshare study, one of the WORST rated areas for rideshare pay in the country, aka $9 or so an hour. So - at the moment - I'm a tad stuck in a rut after 11 months of driving Uber. Low, but instant, pay. I'm looking for a more lucrative, 5 days a week "regular" job so I can go back to having a life on the weekends AND make decent money again. I'm kinda proud of myself I stuck it out with Uber this long, tho'.  Thanks for your comments!

  • Because... I need the money and admittedly I've been seduced by the fact that I can download my earnings the same day/evening that I drove Uber for the money. Is it much money? Nope. But it's more than a bunch of nothing. Like many people in the "Gig Economy", I work two part time jobs and don't make enough at either job to quit one.

  • Thank you for the info. Interesting... Regarding my car, yes. I do insist because it's a Florida state law that passengers 18 years old and older must wear a seatbelt if they are sitting in the front seat. And of course we have car seat / seat belt laws for children on the books also. Most people comply, I find. There's no law about people 18 years or older in the back seat being required to wear a seatbelt so if this happens again I will insist that the passenger in the front seat get into the backseat. If they refuse I will ask them to leave my car and cancel the ride. Better safe and not liable... than sorry.