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     4 years ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    Not every Uber driver is dangerous. Many 16/17 yr olds need to get to and from their jobs and school. I don't see the problem with giving teenagers rides. Giving kids under 16 can be an issue and drivers shouldnt be giving them rides. 

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     4 years ago in  This Startup Installs Themed Experiences In Your Uber Ride

    OdjeI, so true. I am on my sons phone this comment is actually from momof4. My $10/$20 tips came from short rides that were from people that worked in service industry or slightly above minimum wage jobs. People that bragged about how much money they make it have don't tip although one gave me .50. I can understand that people with big home, lots of cars, etc.. are used o living a certain lifestyle and maybe they are having money issues. I try not to judge. When they brag about it that's what annoys me when they don't tip. Or the day I picked up 3 orthopedic surgeons (they owned their own practice) who explained they couldn't get an XL so dropped to X. I drive both but wasn't in area when tried for XL. They said 2 X drivers cancelled. "Thank you so much for picking us up" they said. They did nothing but talk about all their money and who was cheap in their practice. I avoided a major traffic jam that wasn't yet showing up in GPS by checking live traffic cameras. So they ended up getting an Uber  XL but at X price, avoided sitting on 95 for over an hour in traffic. $0 tip. Three grown well to do men couldnt each chip in 2.00 each. Mind you I am sure it was in their business account which could be used as as a deduction on their Taxes. It was also brought up that I was in nursing school. They know what med school cost although mommy and daddy probably paid for it. Not that its their responsibility to tip because I am in college but a little professional courtesy would've been nice.  Talk about cheap, would've been happy with 5.00 tip.

  • Momof4, do you have anymore good Uber stories? If so please post.