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A Night In The Life of An Uber Driver! Drivers/Riders please share your story!

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2191 Rider Driver
 Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Drivers and Riders of Uber, Lyft, etc...

The most frequently asked question passengers ask me is "What is your craziest, scariest, or most funny Uber story? I thought I would share some of my stories here. The good, the bad, and the ugly! Names have been changed to protect the innocent, the drunk, the mean, and the crazy Uber/Lyft riders.  

Uber/Lyft drivers I would love to hear some of your stories/experience while driving.  Please feel free to share.

Uber/Lyft Riders please feel free to share your stories about your experiences with drivers. 

August 3rd. I pickup 3 ladies in their 20's, pretty and built very nice.  Two were nurses. I am not exactly sure what the one who sat up front was. They get in one in front is talkative. I start ride its approx. 20 min to destination. Front rider says "do you know what Sugar Babies.com is? I replied "I think I can guess".  She starts to tell me all about it.   I just joined last week and I have a 90 yr old guy message me. He wants to send a car for me & send me for massage, and a mani pedi. Then car will take me to Ruth Chris Steakhouse. We will have dinner the car will take us back to his house (hopefully not an Uber & I dont get request) I'll give him a ####job. If I do a good job he will give me an allowance. At this point I am speechless what do I say? So she is all excited and laughing so I just laugh. She continues. Another guy sent me a message while I was in church, introduced himself he said he was 64 and sent me a D pic. So She responds to pic (think its best i dont repeat what she says back to him as its XXX rated) in Church of all places, her response will send her to hell for sure. Now I am thinking am I on some hidden camera show? Is she serious? The 2 friends in back are very quiet this whole time other thsn a few small laughs. Then she proceeds to show me the pic. Really too much info. I reply, I think your guy is a little older than 64 maybe 84 as 2 things are missing on each side of d pic. They are either down to his knees or the size of grapefruits. She proceeds to go on about how much $ she can get blah blah. The trip was finally over. I dont get it why tell your ride share driver, hell why tell anyone? Only in an Uber!

I picked up next rider and tell him the story. At the end of his trip he tipped 20.00 because he liked the story. Lol

I would love to hear driver or rider's experiences in an Uber. Please share your stories. If you would like to hear more stories as I have something funny, awful, or frightening happen every week then upvote post. Please share your stories also. 

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