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     1 month ago in  Driving in multiple states

    To drive in Florida you'd have to 

    1.  Get a FL driver's license;

    2.  Transfer your driver account to that Florida market;

    3.  Register your vehicle in Florida, (and pay the new vehicle impact fee) 

    4.  Insure the vehicle in Florida.   

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     1 month ago in  Car seats

    The passenger is responsible for providing and securing an appropriate car seat that complies with local laws.  

    No car seat for their kid = NO RIDE.

    Providing your own car seat is NOT recommended, since you then become liable for any car seat failures, for injuries sustained because of inappropriate sizing, or for not securing the seat properly if anything happens.  

    The $5 fare isn't worth that liability.  

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     2 months ago in  Is the Uber Pro Rewards Program all it is cut out to be?

    UberPro is just another program, used by Uber, to manipulate drivers into taking unpalatable rides.  4.35 rider rating?  you better take that or you'll lose all those "hot" pro benefits like dent repair.  Since ignoring the program, the quality of rides I've received has improved, and I don't have to listen to the threats of losing "status."  

  • LOL @ $2,500,000,000.00 for a scooter company that charges $1 + a few cents a minute and has HUGE operation costs.  

    They're a bigger investment disaster than Uber and Lyft.  

  • People drag their luggage from the house, to their car, to the airport, through the terminal, pick it up to put it in the overhead, pull it out after landing, drag it across another terminal and to the curb.  

    After all that, do you really think that putting it on a shuttle is a deal breaker?  

    If a shuttle is too inconvenient, they always have the option to rent a car...  but, of course, they'd still have to drag it onto a shuttle to pickup their car.  

    How many rideshare drivers are at the airport at any given time?  Removing them from curbside opens up the entire area, and moves rideshare drivers, (many of whom are clueless morons) to a dedicated pickup.  

  • From what I can gather, curbside pickups were disallowed, and passengers have to catch a shuttle to a pickup location.  It may be "tragic" for those used to the chaos of LAX, but this is very similar to the setup in Seattle where pickups are only allowed on the 3rd floor of the parking garage.  This alleviates curbside congestion and pushes all riders to one area for easier pickup.  

    This is probably a good thing, IMO.  

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     4 months ago in  advanced booking on a ride

    A ride like that should be under $15

    Booking in advance may help if you're traveling during high demand hours when surge/primetime may affect be in effect, but if you need to cancel, the cancellation fee on a scheduled ride is generally higher.  

    Personally, I'd just wait on ordering your ride until 5-10 minutes before you're ready to go.  

  • Again.  I'm a RIDESHARE DRIVER.  It's not my place to make judgement calls and report to the police people I don't know based on suspicion.  That's NOT my job.  

    Your Utopian society may involve calling police and making anonymous about your neighbors, but in mine, that's infringing on the privacy of others.  If I see someone in a compromising situation I'll help if possible, but don't you dare REQUIRE me to participate in your politically correct witch hunt for the sake of "saving" people whose situation I don't personally know.  

    Want to know what kind of society this creates?  It creates a society where neighbors don't trust neighbors.  Where people live in fear of being wrongly accused.  Where people are unjustly accused of things without being afforded an opportunity to present their side. 

    Back in the 80's someone once made an "anonymous" call about a mother neglecting her kids.  Social services harassed her.  Neighbors stared through the cracks in their blinds at the obvious "bad" mother.  Guess what... I'm a damn good mom, and that call damn near cost me my career and ability to actually support my kids.  That's what happens when you leave "law enforcement" to unqualified people in the community.  

    Leave law enforcement to the appropriate people, not the average clueless American.

  • We're RIDESHARE DRIVERS, not the police or social workers.

    These people eat.  Are you going to train grocery store clerks and fast food workers?  Where does one draw the line?

    Step One is to provide "training." 

    Step two will be to hold drivers responsible if we fail to spot and/or report suspected persons.


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     4 months ago in  Lyft lowering rates to 43.5 cents a mile in Florida & Vegas

    The IRS rate is based on business vehicles, like semis and large commercial vans and box trucks that get under 10 mpg.  Using that to figure out driver expenses is useless. FWIW, my average cost to operate my vehicle is approx 30 cents per mile.  

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     5 months ago in  Do you know what your net income per hour is?

    Top .5% in all categories except acceptance and cancellation rate.  😊 

    Yay for UberPro Blue status!

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     5 months ago in  Do you think Uber & Lyft drivers are underpaid or overpaid?

    They all know we're under paid, they just choose to ignore that fact because it benefits them.  

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     5 months ago in  Do you know what your net income per hour is?

    X rates here are still $1.11 /mile + $0.1875 /min, and the vast majority of my runs are 25-30 miles on the freeway doing 70-80 mph.  Car is paid for, oil changes are free, and my biggest "expense" is vehicle depreciation of approx $34 /wk.  

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     5 months ago in  Do you think Uber & Lyft drivers are underpaid or overpaid?

    Who can possibly believe that drivers are over paid?  

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     5 months ago in  Do you know what your net income per hour is?

    I regularly calculate my gross earnings, but don't do stringent calculations on net earnings very often because net earnings vary depending on stuff like need for maintenance, gas price swings, seasonal market variations and even my mood/attitude/stress level.  

    My net per hour is in the $20-26 range.  I can live with that.  

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     5 months ago in  Lyft lowering rates to 43.5 cents a mile in Florida & Vegas

    The rideshare companies don't care how cuts affect drivers as long as they continue to have an overabundance of drivers willing to work at those crap rates.  Don't agree with it?  Stop driving Lyft and move to Uber.  If everyone stood up and walked away at the same time, they'd backtrack as fast as they did with the stupid ass Taco Bell "taco mode" idea. 

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     5 months ago in  Firefly Earn up to $200 extra if you drive 40+ hours

    Rideshare companies need to go back to the basics and figure out how to run a business successfully.  There's no need for huge, obnoxious billboards on our cars, and if you want to be fair, you need to pay drivers a real PERCENTAGE of the net advertising proceeds rather than a "do 40 runs a week for $51" gimmick.  What you're doing is no different than how Uber and Lyft rake drivers over the coals while trying to spin it as a "win" for drivers.  

    Your billboard may sit on our cars 40+ hrs a week, but reality says that for many/most drivers, removing it will be difficult/impossible, which turns their cars into 24/7/365 advertising platforms.  That considered, you're actually paying $200 to advertise an average of approx 727 Hours, or $0.275 per hour to convert our personal vehicles into permanent billboards.

    Some of us see through your scam, and it disgusts me more than what Uber/Lyft do because your "solution" is on all the time.  You claim to hate Uber, but let's face it, what you're doing is worse.

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     5 months ago in  Firefly Earn up to $200 extra if you drive 40+ hours

    I know how much advertising costs.  You're probably charging advertisers a hefty price for local advertising, but paying drivers a touch over a dollar an hour to drive around with that huge sign on their car.  (AND decreasing their gas mileage through additional vehicle weight and drag/wind resistance)  

    Just another money making scheme targeting ignorant rideshare drivers.  No thanks.  

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     5 months ago in  Firefly Earn up to $200 extra if you drive 40+ hours

    LOL @ putting a big ass electronic sign on top of our cars and driving 40+ hrs for a $200 "bonus."  Ya' gotta do better than that. 

  • I'd gladly welcome Travis back if Uber ditched Dara.

    When Travis left, I was getting 80% of ride fares, and collecting REAL surge to boot.  Under Dara the pay structure changed, driver rates were cut, incentives went down, and "surge" is a joke.  

    Yeah, Travis was an asshat, but he was an asshat that allowed me to make a hell of a lot more money than I currently do.  Bring him back!