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  • Rideshare driver numbers in NYC were/are capped by the City Council.  If you're not already approved you're going to have to wait until they open up hiring again.  

  • The NO MINORS rule is a RIDESHARE rule, not a legal requirement.  Taxis can transport minors, the only difference is that the taxi companies allow it.  

    Should a driver be fired and sued for unwittingly breaking an Uber company rule and mistaking a minor for an adult?  The precedent set by this will affect us all.  

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     6 days ago in  Riders ridiculously unfair

    Riders can be elitist and judgmental assholes.  That's why.   Many male passengers harshly critique our driving because bullshit "women driver" stereotypes persist and empower them to do so.  

    The best advice I can offer is to not let it get to you.  If you let it bother you It'll fester and eat you away inside until you snap.  The rideshare companies know that their rating systems are useless as a quality control metric, however it works perfectly as a tool to manipulate naive drivers into taking bad/unprofitable/unsafe runs that benefit Uber/Lyft.  Ignore ratings unless your numbers start to drop below 4.8.  

  • If the kids parents couldn't detect the threat of suicide, how is a rideshare driver supposed to?

    When I pickup in a residential neighborhood in the dark, it's hard, if not impossible, to gauge the age of the person I'm picking up.  Further, with all the recent accusations against inappropriate driver conversations/advances, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of drivers avoid conversation with female passengers altogether.  How is the driver supposed to know the passengers age?  You can't card the rider.  What do you do if the rider is disabled?  Do you risk refusing to pick her up and getting deactivated?

    Responsibility lies firmly with the kids parents that were around her everyday for the past 12 1/2 years, not the driver who picked her up in the dark and drove her downtown.  

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     1 week ago in  Female Urinal for Drivers?

    If your kids were in the car, would you use that?  The same rules of decency should apply here.

    Rideshare doesn't pay enough for me to lower myself to using something like that.  If you need to go, stop somewhere and use proper facilities.  

  • What promotions do we currently get?  Most have already disappeared into the wind, and we're already working at base rates with gross market over saturation to make things worse.  

  • I have a sign posted on the back of the seat headrests,  that state:


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     2 weeks ago in  Lyft with Lady

    To me it looks like a unlicensed, unregulated, uninsured and illegal for hire taxi service.  

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     2 weeks ago in  Drivers to become Employees?

    Agreed.  In addition to that, those that choose "employee" status would most likely also be restricted from working on competitor platforms.  

    I don't want to be an employee.  I just want to be a contractor who is treated and compensated fairly.  

  • I absolutely agree with you.  The last thing we need is more crap to "verify" before talking to our passengers.  This is just another reason not to call passengers sir or ma'am.    

  • FWIW - Most of my recent Lyft "cancellations" are cancelled by Lyft and sent to other drivers because there's another driver that's closer, etc.  

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     3 weeks ago in  Cash rides needed

    You didn't specify start point, so I'll quote you from my location in Seattle, WA:

    Base Rate:  $1.07

    Mileage:  2,648 miles @ $1.11 /mile = $2,939.28

    Time:  39 hrs (2,340 minutes) @ 18.75 cents /min = $438.75

    Subtotal:  $3,379.10

    Taxes (10%):  $337.91

    20% Gratuity:  $743.40

    Approx total:  $4,460.41 

    I accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and cash  (Full, cleared prepayment required)  

    Sooo... when are we going to Atlanta?  

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     3 weeks ago in  Using Uber tactics to make Tips into a Surcharge

    Lipstick on a pig.  

    We don't need confusing hidden charges to make extra money, the rideshare companies just need to  raise rates so drivers don't need to beg for tips to survive.  

  • The only problem I see is that if this is implemented like other rideshare "innovations," it's going to be painful to organize, and it'll leave little room for drivers to cherrypick their rides.  

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     1 month ago in  Lyft is testing out a car rentals program in San Francisco

    Lyft Logic 101

    If you can't turn a profit in your core business, why not expand into new areas where expenses are high and margins are thin. 

  • Uber and Lyft don't like us because they're greedy and they want a bigger piece of the pie.    Investors want returns, so the "obvious" financial move would be to increase profits by taking more from drivers, or eliminating us altogether.   What idiots.

    If these companies quit trading their profits for "market share,"  and stopped using drivers as a piggy bank to fund foolish ventures like autonomous vehicles, they'd both be in  much better financial shape.   

    Go ahead and eliminate your drivers.  That may increase their margins another 40-50%, but the 5,000% increase in expense for vehicle purchase, vehicle maintenance, insurance, upkeep and insurance will skyrocket and put them both out of business in months.   If they can't turn a profit with broke-as-hell drivers paying all the bills, what makes them think that taking those expenses on themselves will make things better?  

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     1 month ago in  Has anyone come up with Uber for Hookers and Prostitutes?

    In my market, Uber for hookers is known by another name...  LYFT.   Even though they only make up 1/3 of my ride requests, they're also responsible for 80% of my hooker runs.

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     1 month ago in  Worried about violent Uber driver

    Short of video footage, it's all really a matter of what he said vs what she said.  

    Unfortunate things sometimes happen, but having only heard one side of this story, I'm reserving judgement and not going to throw the driver under the bus without proof.   

    FWIW, being "in your fifties" is irrelevant.  People need to taker personal responsibility for their safety.  If the entails being locked in the backseat of a black cab on future rides, I fully support them.  

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     1 month ago in  Thoughts on Lyfts Personal Power Zones?

    "Personal Power Zones" are as much of an improvement as Uber's flat rate surge.  It's an improvement for the company, but horrible for the drivers.  

    Customers still pay Primetime rates, this just allows Lyft to keep the majority of the proceeds for themselves.  

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     1 month ago in  What are the baggage limitations for Ride Share, please?

    You need to order a NON-SHARED ride.   

    Shared rides give you ONE seat and no guarantees for luggage storage.  (and especially not multiple bags)  If a Toyota Prius pulls up with three people already inside, you're going to be hard pressed (and extremely hated) if you delay everyone as you try to squeeze all of that into the car.  Don't do it.  

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  • The Uber driver app in the Google Play store has a rating of 4.4/5 stars.  I posted a comment/rating on Google Play:

    Me:  "If drivers have a 4.4/5 star rating,  Uber calls us failures and deactivates us.  Why is this rating acceptable or different?"

    Uber:  "Hi RedANT.  This doesn't sound right.  We want to take a closer look into this for you.  Please send a quick note to t.uber.con/drivercontact so we can connect."

    (Needless to say, I did NOT contact them with my real information)

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     3 months ago in  New Surge System Revolt Cleveland, OH

    Old system:

    $25 trip @ 2x surge = Passenger pays $50  (driver made approx 65% of the total = $32.50, and Uber/Lyft made approx 35% of the total = $17.50)  

    New system:
    $25 trip @ 2x surge = Passenger still pays $50  (Driver makes 65% of $25 = $16.25 + a $2.50 fixed "surge" = $18.75 earned by driver.  Uber/Lyft collect the balance of $50 - $18.75 paid to driver = $31.25 = approx 63%)  Driver pays for 100% of their car payment, insurance, gas, and maintenance.  Uber/Lyft does nothing but change policies and adjust app settings to increase their share.  Passengers get fleeced.  

    *   Please note that all numbers are approximate, and will vary greatly depending on the area you're in.   

    ** Driver pay was previously paid based on a per minute rate + mileage rate + surge multiplier.  

    Pay is now based on a per minute rate + mileage rate + a flat surge fee that is a fraction of the former multiplier payout.  This change effectively increases Uber and Lyfts share of the fares significantly, taking money out of driver pockets and increasing company revenue.   Regardless, I'd bet that Uber and Lyft will still post huge Q1 losses as they head into their respective IPOs.

    This is why drivers are pissed.  (And rightfully so)